No wind? No problem!

As we have the unique use of our Kite Cable we can still teach with no wind, part of our normal course involves an 1 – 2 hours training with the board only on the cable, this allows you to get comfortable with the board before adding the kite, it also gets you used to getting pulled out of the water.

Bluetooth Real Time coaching!

Our new Bluetooth intercom system allows us to deliver timely instruction in a calm controlled manner, our students feel they get much better tuition whilst feeling safer and more comfortable. The fact that we have direct contact with the student at all times regardless of whether they are in the water or half way up the beach is a massive time saver, and a huge boost to the quality of our lessons.


Here at kite Cable in Pranburi we see most people will learn exceptionally quicker than others and some will learn a little slower, that’s why we our pricing is based on a PER HOUR basis, if you can finish the course in 5 hours you only pay for 5 hours.

Pricing for Lessons

  • Private / Per Hour
  • Semi Private / Per Hour
  • 1,500 THB
  • 1,300 THB

* Semi Private meaning 2-3 students with 1 instructor

We use the latest Ozone kites for teaching and all our Instructors are fully trained to a high standard of safety and skill.

Equipment rental

We have full sets of kitesurfing gear available for rent, the kites you can rent are Ozone, the boards we use are Crazyfly Boards.

  • Per Hour
  • Per Day
  • Complete Package*
  • 1.200 THB
  • 3.500 THB
  • Kite Only
  • 750 THB
  • 2.000 THB
  • Board Only
  • 350 THB
  • 1.000 THB

* Include kite, boards & line, boards & harness

Dam kitesurfing (off season only)

In the off season we get strong offshore wind days that allows us to kite in the beautiful Pranburi Dam located around 30 minutes from Kite Cable in Pranburi , these kite trips are usually planned through pre‐bookings with INTERMEDIATE kiters only, this area is glass flat and strong winds in a beautiful Mountain surrounding.

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