Wake park designed for learning

Kite Cable has a very unique cable system built on our own private lake here in Pranburi. Our system is a 2 tower robust cable system that is designed to aid the training of kitesurfing and general cable riding, the system is one rider with one driver at all times, the speed is hand controlled by the driver to give.

you a chance to progressively learn your riding skill prior to ripping at full speed. If you fall off you don’t need to swim back to start again, our system and driver will simply bring the handle back to you and get you back up and on the board in no time. For you pro’s………this cable goes BIG!


  • 1 hour (2+ sets)
  • 2 hours (4+ sets)
  • 4 hours
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Ticket Price p.p.
  • 400 THB
  • 600 THB
  • 800 THB
  • 3.500 THB
  • 10.000 THB
  • Basic Gear Rental(Board, Vest, Helmet)
  • FREE
  • FREE
  • FREE
  • FREE
  • FREE

Rookie Cable

The run on this cable is 120 meters long and is obstacle free! If you’re a complete beginner on the Kite Cable the short run allows us to stay close to you and coach you. It allows you to learn your turns and transitions a lot quicker than on a larger run..

Big Cable

The run is 180 meters long each way and including a double sided spine kicker with both a mellow and hardcore kick, we also have a 2 smaller ramps. There is also plenty of space for practicing air tricks and pop.


Spine Kicker
Banked C Rail

2 Tower System

The benefits of a 2 tower system

  • Controlled water starts
  • Continuous riding
  • One on one direct training
  • Cable stops and waits when you fall off
  • Fast progression rate